Destination Wedding in Udaipur, India – Wedding Planner Udaipur

Destination Wedding In Udaipur, India – Vings Events


Vings Events Planning Weddings in Udaipur,India has been a wedding planner agency since 2008. We work mostly for couples from Local and Global. We can work as wedding coordinators for guests from all over the Area. After years of experience in wedding Career, we have created our own base of best Partner in Goa, Rajasthan(decorator, florists, photographers, Dj, live bands, cake artist, make-up and hair artist). Vings Events agency organized over 100 weddings which high success and fulfillment of the clients. We Have Professional wedding planners. Our partner arranges special weddings in Rajasthan, Goa for your big day. We help you find the right professionals and more to give you what you want in your event!

Our newly weds don’t come to us at random. They are very special people who:

  1. choose intelligent elegance and the service of the highest quality
  2. Possess classy aesthetics
  3. Are demanding and at the same time open and honest
  4. Perfectly know what they want from life and that is why they always succeed
  5. Are loved by their parents unrelatedly of their age and status



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